SWT resources for Modelio

In order to browse the SWT UML model you have two ways to do it: connect to a remote library (http fragment) or deploy a model component (local library).
Before connecting to the remote library or deploy the local library, please check the prerequisites.

http fragmentSWT remote library*

copy Copy URL

Important note: Library compatible with Modelio 3.1 only


ramcfragmentSWT model component**

SWT (model component version: 4.3.01)
download Download the SWT local library

*The remote library accessiblity is dependent of the network capacities and server availability. We offer a facility by providing access to a remote library but we cannot guarantee its full availability due to servers capacity limits. The advantage of the remote library is to benefit of library updates immediatly.
**The model component can be downloaded and deployed in your project. Its advantage is that the model is always accessible as it is local. The access of these elements is fastest than with a remote library. The inconvenient is that you are not notified about library updates. Normally, the library should not change frequently.


To take advantage of the project features, you need:

  1. the Java Designer module so you can generate Java code or Javadoc.
    Download the Java Designer open source module
    If you use a commercial version of Modelio, you can download the Java Designer commercial module which permits to generate enhanced Javadocs.
  2. the JDK model component.
    JDK model component Version



Please note that the model components and the remote libraries are read-only models.