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Please select a Java open source software below to view its associated content (Enhanced Javadoc, Modelio resources, XMI files and a Web Model documentation).


The Apache Ant 1.9.2, released under the Apache Software License, has been reversed in Modelio. Ant automates some tasks like compilation or packagings.

ant modelio

Ant Javadoc - Ant UML documentation - Ant Modelio resources - Ant XMI


The following resources have been generated working with Jenkins 1.540. Jenkins is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Jenkins Javadoc - Jenkins UML documentation - Jenkins Modelio resources


The following resources have been generated working with JFreeChart 1.0.17. JFreeChart is a popular chart library distributed under GNU LGPL license. The JFreeChart library uses the JCommon library and the servlet from J2EE.

JFreeChart Javadoc - JFreeChart UML documentation - JFreeChart Modelio resources - JFreeChart XMI


JUnit is licensed under Eclipse Public License. The reverse of Java sources has been done from JUnit 4.11.0.

JUnit Javadoc - Junit UML documentation - JUnit Modelio resources - Junit XMI


SWT is an open source graphical library (under EPL license) for Java. The version used is the one delivered with Eclipse 4.3.1.

SWT Javadoc - SWT UML documentation - SWT Modelio resources - SWT XMI


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