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  • Ant: Ant enhanced Javadoc - Ant UML documentation - Ant Modelio resources - Ant XMI
  • Jenkins: Jenkins enhanced Javadoc - Jenkins UML documentation - Jenkins Modelio resources
  • JFreeChart: JFreeChart enhanced Javadoc - JFreeChart UML documentation - JFreeChart Modelio resources - JFreeChart XMI
  • Junit r4: JUnit enhanced Javadoc - JUnit UML documentation - JUnit Modelio resources - JUnit XMI
  • Spring: Spring enhanced Javadoc - Spring UML documentation - Spring Modelio resources
  • SWT: SWT enhanced Javadoc - SWT UML documentation - SWT Modelio resources - SWT XMI

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October 2014 - Spring Framework resources are now available!

Welcome to promotes the usage of UML for Java software developers. It provides the reversed model of the most popular Java open source software, in order to show the interest of modeling techniques, and to help quickly understanding the internals of Java open source software.


Browse enhanced Javadoc that includes navigable UML diagrams.

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Browse the UML model of Java libraries.



Get a Modelio model of the library and navigate into this database with Modelio open source modeling tool.



Get the XMI files to load the UML model using any UML modeler.


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